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What You Can Expect From the Platinum Process

Appraisal: Soon after initial contact with our clients, Platinum provides free-of-charge visits to become acquainted with the jobsite, our clients, and their needs.
Design: Based on the scale and scope of the project, Platinum’s design team provides bids to our clients including transparent cost assessment. Our customers always come first. If they’re not satisfied, neither are we, and we re-design until they are.
Install: Once we finalize the design, Platinum’s install team can get to business. We’re adept at working alongside other contractors, be that a single drywaller, small HVAC team, or a full construction crew.
Training: Platinum technicians train our clients and their teams in getting the most out of their new system. Thanks to our expertise in control integration and automation, it’s seldom a stressful or time consuming process.
Billing: Nothing is cookie-cutter here at Platinum, and that includes our billing process, which varies depending on our client’s situation. Need financing? We can help with that too.
Maintenance: If something goes awry, Platinum is here with quick and efficient service calls. If there’s an issue during the first several months, we often straighten it out free-of-charge. We also assist our clients with securing warrantied replacement parts.
Our timelines are highly variable and depends on many factors including job size, venue type, complexity of the design process, interplay with existing contractors, equipment needs, and the available budget. That being said, Platinum AVL takes pride in our quick turnaround times when servicing small venues. If there’s no need for significant re-design or CAD work, Platinum can usually do them from contact to completion in about a week.

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