Audio, Video, and Lighting
custom tailored to your event space

We provide integrated, wireless solutions that will save you time and money by automating the entire production seamlessly so you can sit back and enjoy the show


Our design experts will listen to your requests and help turn your venue into the space everyone will be talking about.


Our install experts will show up with our shop truck and install everything you need to get your venue bumping.


Our expert technicians will connect your entire installation to a network that you control including audio, video, and lighting.


With our top-tier programmers, you'll get your entire venue running on the click of a button. No hassles.


Platinum AVL rentals can supply your event for a weekend, month, or even annually if you can't commit to buying. Give us a call at 1-877-335-6255 and speak with a real person for details.


Our expert technicians will teach you and your employees how to take control of your new production system so you can make the most of your venue immediately.

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