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Equip your new or existing home with advances tailored to your taste, lifestyle, and budget. Protect your family, assets, and peace of mind with a worry-free home security system. Enjoy the latest and greatest in audio-video technology from the privacy and comfort of your living room, dining room, or bathroom. High technology doesn’t need to come with a high learning curve—integrate all these systems and more into a turnkey touch panel system, universal remote, or even smartphone app. If you need it, Platinum AVL’s experienced and passionate team can help you achieve it.
Treat yourself and your family to a commercial cinema experience from the comfort of your own home! Platinum AVL is up-to-date on the latest in home theater technology, including Dolby Atmos, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, and Crestron’s video suite. Whether you want all the bells and whistles or an economical solution, we’re here for you.
We also specialize at integrating your theater’s technology into an intuitive, turnkey system. Control your room’s every parameter from a tablet, universal remote, wall panel, or even your smartphone from the comfort of a pillowy recliner!
Not very tech savvy? That’s ok; our design team can run you through your options and help you select the solution you need at the price point you name. We’ll also train you and your family on how to get the most out of your new rig.
As discerning audiophiles ourselves with experience in the music industry, Platinum AVL’s designers and technicians are uniquely qualified to help you realize the audio system of your dream. From Arensky to ZZ Top, you will be able to hear the difference in a room engineered for a high-fidelity sound system.
Platinum understands that every project space and client is unique. That’s why we combine state-of-the-art acoustic modeling with acoustic treatments, room geometry, and handpicked audio gear to ensure the best possible results for each individual situation.
If you are searching for a more discreet solution, like a flush in-ceiling speaker or PA system networked throughout your house, Platinum can deliver that too. 
In this uncertain world, nothing brings greater peace of mind than knowing your belongings and loved ones are safe and secure. Use custom-built surveillance system complete with pan-zoom-tilt cameras, nanny cams, video doorbells, and more to monitor your property from your smartphone. Be as secure during a barbeque at the neighbor’s as on vacation halfway around the globe.
Deter potential intruders with remote lighting control, or even turn on your TV and sound system to keep them away. Meanwhile, further vet who has access to your home with smart locks and barriers with fingerprint scanning, facial recognition, and RFID capabilities.
The right home security setup does more than protect you from worst-case scenarios. The little conveniences it offers also give ease of life. For example, you can synch your phone to a smart doorbell: when someone rings the doorbell, your phone rings in tandem. Answer it to speak to the visitor via intercom, or press a button to open the gate. With video capability, you can even see who’s there.
Bring your house into the future with the latest in smart home automation and integration. Possess multiple simple methods to control your home’s entire technology suite at your fingertips, including all-in-one secure smartphone apps, networked touch panels, universal remotes, or even voice commands through your favorite virtual assistant device. Platinum AVL will work with your family to guarantee the solution or solutions that best fit your budget and lifestyle.
Something that’s unique to Platinum is our ability to connect existing systems or systems installed by other contractors (such as HVAC and internet) into a single, integrated network. For example, if your enthusiast hi-fi setup is already exactly how you want it, Platinum can simply enhance your user experience, so you can effortlessly change playlists or the EQ from anywhere at any time.
Thanks to recent advances in LED technology and wireless connectivity, whole-home intelligent lighting solutions have never been more in reach. Fine-tune intensity and color temperature with the press of a button. Platinum AVL can also save you money, because sturdy Wi-Fi enabled lightbulbs and other fixtures means less wiring and less invasive renovation, not to mention a quicker turnaround time, than with traditional electrical installations.
Intelligent lighting gives you more control, but it also allows you to take your hands off. Automatically set your lighting to conform to your lifestyle. For example, wake up during the workweek to bedroom lights bathing you in a gradually-intensifying sun-like glow instead of a jarring smartphone alarm, program portions of your house to darken at midnight, or synch exterior and interior lighting to the yearly daylight cycle.
Use additional technology to compliment your intelligent lighting, such as motorized blinds, fans, and temperature regulation systems. Ensure each room has exactly the atmosphere you want whenever you want.
While Platinum AVL doesn’t install HVAC systems, we’re skilled at working with contractors who do in order to complete the services they can’t provide. Frequently, this means networking new or pre-existing systems into a comprehensive smart home suite. Instead of fiddling with a single thermostat panel, enjoy the ease-of-use and flexibility afforded by a Nest or Crestron system accessible from multiple locations around your house and via your smartphone.
With an advanced climate control system, you can pre-heat the bathroom floor from the comfort of your bed, schedule the AC to turn off while at work, synch motorized blinds and smart glass with heating cycles, and much more.

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