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Platinum AVL offers a wide variety of seamlessly integrated audio, video, lighting, and technology solutions. If a service you require isn’t listed, feel free to contact us. If you need it, we probably do it!
  • Video: Digital signage design and installation, including video kiosks, traditional and laser projection rigs, and LED video walls.
  • Sound: Custom-engineered sound systems for any space and purpose: retail PA to home theater Dolby Surround to nightclub speaker arrays.
  • Lights: Platinum’s experienced lighting designers and installation team does a wide range of commercial and residential spaces.
  • Acoustics: With the help of sophisticated CAD and modeling software, we design and install discreet sound-dampening solutions.
  • Rigging: Platinum can provide sturdy, industrial-grade rigging for all the equipment we install.
  • Special Effects: In many environments, Platinum’s programmed and networked special effects can set your venue above the rest.
  • Integration: High-tech doesn’t need to come with a headache. Control all your technology from a single discreet and intuitive interface.
  • Automation: Automate technology processes into dependable routines triggerable by the press of a button or tap of a screen.
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   Platinum AVL can turn any event, from a multi-day music festival to a joyous wedding reception, into an unforgettable experience.

From nightclubs to restaurants, from school auditoriums to houses of worship, Platinum AVL does them all.

Whether you’re looking for a cutting-edge home security system, home theater, or just a TV install, Platinum AVL has you covered.

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