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Platinum Incorporated was established in 1993, initially as a record store serving the Portland metropolitan area. Over the following year, our passionate and talented team diversified into DJ supply and audio, video, lighting contracting. Since then, Platinum’s AVL division has been our primary focus; however, the Platinum Records division still sells DJ equipment and enjoys a niche in Portland’s vinyl scene for hip-hop and electronic-oriented music. We’ve expanded too. In 1999, Platinum relocated from a smaller space on 2nd and Ash to a much larger retail, showroom, office, and workshop space headquartered across the street. In 2011, Platinum Incorporated spearheaded our Mixlab program, delivering comprehensive DJing classes taught by professional, Platinum-affiliated DJs to the Portland area.
Over the years, Platinum AVL has made a name for itself serving the Portland area and broader United States. We’ve worked with nearly all new and renovated dance clubs and bowling centers in the region, providing them with quality services at a competitive price, cementing us through word-of-mouth as Portland’s go-to AVL contractor for anything related to entertainment, music, or nightlife.
Some of this success stems from Platinum AVL’s intimate connection to both sides of the industry. Our staff is primarily composed of former and current DJs, musicians, and producers. Frequently, we are our clients; the experience we’ve gained actually owning and operating the equipment we install feeds back into our consulting and design process. This is not to say that we only do music and nightlife. Far from it. Platinum AVL’s diverse portfolio includes substantial quality work in restaurants, bars, schools, retail environments, conference rooms, houses of worship, hospitality, and private dwellings.

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Why You Should Choose Platinum AVL For Your Next Project

With nearly thirty years in the industry, Platinum AVL uniquely possesses veteran staff and expertise that your project requires. In technology sectors where the state-of-the-art rapidly changes, we understand that only designers and technicians adept at riding those waves will give you the biggest and longest lasting bang for your buck.

We never oversell or overcomplicate. Platinum AVL understands that there’s always a fine line between an exceptional system and one that’s overkill for the situation at hand. We work with our clients and their budgets to design a personalized solution that’s perfect for their venue’s AVL needs.                                                


Cutting-edge doesn’t need to mean convoluted. We specialize in integrating and automating your system into a single, intuitive interface. Control your nightclub, home theater, or synagogue through a wall-mounted touchscreen, untethered tablet, or even your smartphone. Of course, Platinum AVL technicians will be there to train your team.

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