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Platinum AVL excels at providing unforgettable technology services for unforgettable events. Whether an intimate wedding or rock concert, we will work with your taste, budget, and location to ensure an electrifying experience for you and your guests.
Platinum AVL’s experienced team of designers and technicians know their way around the music industry. Many of our accredited professionals possess a background as accomplished DJs, musicians, and producers in their own right. That’s why we’re uniquely equipped to work alongside our clients and their teams. We’ve stood in their shoes and speak their language.
We specialize in providing lighting, sound, video, and special effects for agile, smaller gigs. This includes running clients through the rental process, rigging and gaffing their system, and occasionally helping run it during show.
Weddings are life-changing occasions that deserve technical excellence to match. Platinum AVL can help wedding planners, the lucky couple, and their guests experience a reception to remember fondly for years to come.
We help our clients design a rented technology suite perfect for their venue and taste. Platinum technicians frequently go on site and help with the setup, rigging, and takedown. For more uptempo affairs including afterparties, we can also arrange nightclub-grade lighting and sound rigs helmed by some of the best DJs in the Portland area. 
Take your bash to the next level with Platinum AVL! Our team of accredited designers and technicians with deep professional routes in the music and entertainment industries are uniquely qualified to provide the answers our clients need at the price points they name. We work with them to select the equipment they need from our collection, enough to fill any venue with thumping sound, captivating lights, and memorable special effects.
When our clients need someone to run the systems you rent, Platinum-affiliated DJs and lighting jockeys step up to the plate.

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